Wahluke Slope, WA

Wahluke Slope, WA,

In 2006, the Wahluke Slope was recognized as an appellation. The limits are the Columbia River in the West and South and the Saddle Mountains in the North. The altitude is between 130 and 450 meters. The 6.000 acres equal to 15% of the wine acerage in WA State. The only city in the region is called Mattawa. The temperatures are considered the highest, the rainfall the lowest in the arid climate of Eastern Washington. On 15 miles of length and 3 miles of width a band of gravel, basalt and sand stretches that was created during the last ice age by huge floods, the „Missoula floods“, which transported rocks and icebergs in the Columbia bassin. The ground is very well drained. Only 20 wineries are farming the region which is considered to be one of the best in Washington State.